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ZnSe and Ge optics, silicon and copper mirrors

ULO OPTICS is a british company designing, manufacturing and supplying CO2 laser optics, beam delivery systems and mid-IR optics for thermal imaging and sensing since 1982.

CO2 laser optics (designed for both laser manufacturers and laser users) are available in:

 Optics for scanner applications, in particular the f-theta lenses series 48TSL, LSM mirrors, telecentric f-theta lenses, doublet and triplet f-theta.

 Lenses and mirrors designed to replace the most commonly used laser optics around the world, such as Trumpf, Bystronic, Amada, Mitsubishi, Rofin, LVD, Mazak etc. with CW damage threshold of 3,000 W/mm (note that a 5kW beam with a diameter of 20mm is only 5000/20 = 250 W/mm).

 Aspheric lenses and aberration free lens doublets, cylindrical lenses.

 "Axicon" optics: optical components which have one flat face and one conical face. Combined with a lens, a ring focus is produced.

 Silicon and copper mirrors, in particular offered with "Supermax" high reflectivity coating (R >99.8%).

 Silicon and copper phase retarders, partial reflectors, beamsplitters and beam combiners.

 Windows in ZnSe, Ge, Si, Brewster windows.

 Standard AR coatings or UltraLO for high power lasers, Supermax R for mirrors.

The COMPACT range beam delivery system is a complete series of products that fulfil beam handling requirements from the laser mount to the nozzle tip.
The units have clear apertures up to 19mm and are suitable for lasers up to 500W.


  48TSL Scanning Lens Data

  CO2mpact User Manual - Beam Delivery System for sub 500W lasers

  UltraLO-Coatings for CO2 Laser Optics

  CO2mpact Beam Delivery System

  CO2 Laser Optics for Cutting Systems

  CO2 Laser Scanning Lenses

More info to the ULO Optics web site

CO2mpact beam delivery system
ZnSe windows and lenses
ZnSe windows and lenses
ZnSe windows and lenses
ZnSe custom optics