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Vigo System Ltd
Uncooled and cooled HgCdTe detectors
Polish company working in infrared business since 1979, in particular in the manufacturing of uncooled and cooled HgCdTeZn detectors, designed to replace the present generation of cryogenically cooled photodetectors.
VIGO is the only one european manufacturer of high performance IR detectors, photoconductive, photovoltaic, and photoelectromagnetic, working in the range 2 - 16 microns, thermoelectrically cooled or uncooled.
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The target achieved by VIGO are:
Manufacturing of semiconductor heterostructures grown by ISOVPE and MOCVD methods offereing an high reproducibility and high uniformity of the product
Development and manufacturing of advanced photoelectric devices based on HgCdTe and InGaAs operating at ambient temperature or on thermoelectric coolers
Optimization of the detector for any wavelength in the range from 2 to 16┬Ám
Very short, even subnanosecond, response time
Single area, quadrant and array geometries
Integrated and optimized preamplifiers
Development of microoptics
The VIGO infrared detectors are used in a broad range of applications including laser research, medicine, temperature measurements also warning laser receivers, lidars and many other applications.
The company is constantly committed to improve the parameters of the detectors and at the same time to decrease the costs of manufacturing.
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