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Laser Scanning Heads
RAYLASE is an international company based in Germany, pioneer in developing modular components and manufacturing subsystems (deflection units) for laser beam deflection, modulation and control including creative software & electronics.
The deflection units are available for CO2, HeNe and Nd:YAG lasers, frequency doubled and frequency tripled Nd:YAG lasers, diode and argon lasers, with the possibility to handle laser beams with a power capacity until 2.5 kilowatts. The range stretches from single axis galvanometer scanners and XY deflection units to patented 3-axis technology.
AXIALSCAN - 3-Axis Laser Beam Subsystems
3-axis scanning units having high performances and extremely small laser spot sizes, over working fields from 100x100 mm to 1500x1500 mm, also available with the motorized changing of the filed size, and for 3D marking applications.
See here the operating principle.
Compact 3-axis head offering a focus rangein Z-direction of more than 200 mm in a 300 mm x 300 mm field. See video 1 and video 2.
3-axis head with the best price/performance value, 20 or 30 mm aperture, for field sizes from 100 a 1800 mm, 2D or 3D, available in different versions depending by the required speed and power of the laser (max 2.5 kW).
Digital version of the AXIALSCAN-30, with the new LT-II-15 digital linear translator module to offer high deflection speed, long-term stability and exceptionally low drift values at 20 bit position resolution. Possibility to control it with the SL2-100 protocol (20 bit) or XY2-100 (16 bit).
3-axis head with 50 mm aperture for smaller spot sizes and field up to 1200x1200 mm, max power 1.5 kW.
3-axis head with 50 mm aperture and digital electronic to enhance the dynamic performance and quality, with a range of diagnosis possibilities such as status information of mirrors, failure alert, temperature and mirror speed. Max power 5 kW.
3-axis head with aperture of 70 mm for field size up to 2000x2000 mm and smaller spot, max power 2.5 kW.
3-axis compact and modular head to provide tiny spot diameters with flexible focusing range in Z-direction for 3D applications. The field sizes are determined by the f-theta objective type.
3-axis module for 3D application, 15 and 20 mm aperture.
2-Axis Laser Beam Deflection Units
2-axis scanning units, available in the compact version as the MINISCAN series, or in the SUPERSCAN series IIE, III, V.
See here the operating principle.
New generation of scanner with compact design and performance optimized to achieve 50% less drift values. Available input apertures: 7, 10, 14, 20 mm.
High performance head, available with aperture of 7, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30 mm, with optional cooling, max power up to 5 kW.
Scanner with full digital control electronics (18 bit) to allow the real time monitoring of mirror position, mirror speed and temperature. Apertures of 10, 15, 20, 30 mm.
Digital head designed to offer extremely dynamic responses and final speeds, which is important when used in MOTF-applications (Marking-and-processing-On-The-Fly). Max laser power 6 kW, available with 30 mm aperture.
Head with fully digital feedback control electronics, provideing excellent dynamics and continuous monitoring of e.g. the position of the mirrors and their speed. Depending on the applied protocol (SL2-100 or XY2-100), the mirrors can be positioned with a resolution of up to 20 bits. Able to perform laser jobs with sharp edges extremely fast and precise.
Innovative head combining an extremely precise polygon with two high-stability galvanometer scanners. One scanner takes care of corrections for the fast axis of the polygon and the other scanner provides the line off-set as well as corrections for the second axis. The polygon scanner provides extraordinarily high speed along its scan path, up to 200 mt/sec.
In addition to innovative electronic components built into the deflection units and power control devices, the RAYLASE electronics portfolio consists of intelligent control cards to drive the deflection units. These also function as an interface between software and mechanical systems with the capacity to control external machines.
The SP-ICE-1 PCI PRO control card is an intelligent card equipped with advanced scanning functions as master/slave or mark-on-the-fly. Optional master/slave or mark-on-the-fly.
The new SP-ICE 3 is the last generation of control cards, the universal solution for every laser system with deflection units. With its multiple individually configurable ports it fits everywhere, even at highly specific requirement. Thanks to the .NET programming environment and the flexibility of the SP-ICE-3 control card a broad variety of applications can be solved quickly. The SP-ICE-3 controls up to 2 deflection units via the SL2-100 protocol with 20 bit position resolution and 10 μs step period. It can log up to 24 million measurements from the deflection unit. This allows for system optimization during development and conti-nuous monitoring during operation.
RAYLASE offers various levels of dongles for weldMARK 3 professional package from basic functionality to more complex laser marking and material processing applications with 3-axis subsystem and marking on the fly options. All software licences are available for single or multiple users with a basic support package included for the first year.
Machine Vision Control (MVC)
Intelligent Image Processing for the automation and monitoring of laser processes using industrial cameras, optics, adapters for on-axis or off-axis applications.
See here for more details.
Additive Manufacturing
The AM MODULE for fiber-coupled lasers features homogeneous power density and exceptionally low drift values. It enables ultradynamic, rapid processing with flexible spot diameters. Full digital, model-based control is ensured with absolute precision. Up to 4 modules can be operated simultaneously over one construction field. Direct connection of a photodiode or pyrometer for process control is also possible.
See more details here and the video.
Examples of applications made with RAYLASE scanning heads:
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