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Piezo electrical actuator based positioning systems for micro and nanopositioning and nano-automation
Piezosystem Jena is a worldwide supplier with more than 20 yeas experience in the design and manufacturing of high precision nanopositioning equipment. Their piezoelectric ceramic based actuating systems and stages are mainly used for micro positioning and nanotechnology for highly accurate movement of optical devices and optical components.
Typical applications are located in the field of confocal microscopy, and AFM technology, as well as, SNOM, RAMAN spectroscopy, ultra high resolution microscopy, single photon stimulation, 3D scanning, and probe alignment and tracking. Furthermore, their products are also utilized in applications related to laser beam steering, beam stabilization, and beam alignment in optical resonators.
In addition, their equipment can also be used for mirror adjustment and beam tracking. In the semiconductor area, their systems are preferred for XY and Z movement of probers and wafer handling systems.
Key applications are X-Ray beam collimation, electron beam crystallography, laser welding, and thrilling.
Piezosystem Jena has now released stages with a large travel range of up to several millimeters.
These stages can be used as single units or in combination with piezoelectric stages for various applications.
These are the main aspects:
fast and long travel positioning of several millimeters for linear stages of up to 50 mm
stages with infinite rotation
goniometer for angle movements with a tilting range of up to ±15°
easily combinable with other stages (e.g. piezoelectric)
excellent price-performance
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